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Virtual Pharmacy Services

Sometimes referred to as ‘After Hours Pharmacy Services’ by the VA since our clinical Virtual pharmacists do one of 2 things, viz.:

  • Process and verify scripts which have been sitting in pending queues from day time Ambulatory clinics after the Pharmacy Department is closed, servicing Outpatient VA beneficiary needs

  • Review and verify scripts for Inpatient medication needs after the Inpatient pharmacy is closed

Both these procedures are done after the normal hours for the Pharmacy Services at the VAMCs which utilize this service.

Outpatient Virtual Pharmacy Services

Inpatient Virtual Pharmacy Services

C&E provides Licensed Clinical Pharmacists from any of the 50 States to perform remote prescription order review/order entry services for Veteran patients in accordance with the specifications offered by a particular VAMC Pharmacy Department to beneficiaries of the Department of Veterans Affairs. This includes professional review and problem solving needed to assure safe appropriate medication processing. 


C&E develops & establishes policies and procedures unique to each VAMC’s environment in order to ensure that when the Inpatient pharmacy is closed, the following can occur:

  • Medication orders written are reviewed, processed and verified by C&E’s on duty remote clinical pharmacist in a timely manner so that Veteran beneficiaries on hospital wards can be passed their medications appropriately as needed

  • Urgently needed or stat meds e.g. narcotics and psychotropic meds can be available to hospital nursing and medical staff

  • C&E’s remote on duty clinical pharmacist is also available by phone for telephone drug information consultations

C&E’s pharmacists are carefully monitored through the use of systems and by CMOP rejects.

C&E clinical Virtual Pharmacists will provide qualified clinical pharmacists who will appropriately review, process, and verify outpatient prescriptions which have been queued from Ambulatory clinics during the day. C&E’s Virtual pharmacists will process these at a high level of quality which strives for 0% error rate and dispatch in a timely framework so that patients receive the outpatient medications within a 7-10 day time frame.

Scripts will be evaluated for drug-drug interactions, contraindications, allergies, appropriate doses and accurate and understandable directions for patient use. C&E’s pharmacists have a profound understanding of the VA formulary and Vista and CPRS functions to allow for easy and quick review of patient medical records.


Each VAMC has its own operant clinical pharmacy restrictions and usually non-formulary requests are not completed by C&E pharmacists. Usually Outpatient processing is done for all CBOCs (Community Based Outpatient Clinics) associated with the VAMC through which the services are being provided. All finished prescriptions are then queued for digital delivery to the CMOP facility to be printed out as labels which will be attached to medications for shipping out to the Veterans via Mail Order pharmacy procedures.

Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management
And Collaborative Chronic Disease Management

​C&E's qualified clinical pharmacists will conduct monthly face to face Comprehensive Medication Management services at physician offices & hospital ambulatory clinics for high-risk patients who are Medicare beneficiaries with chronic disease conditions.
C&E’s pharmacists will identify and report adverse drug reactions (ADRs), conduct drug utilization evaluations (DUEs), and participate in in house DUE and Formulary Review committees at hospital and large clinic levels.

​The physician offices will be responsible for:

  • Selecting the high risk patients and explaining the process to them

  • Billing Medicare under the appropriate CPT codes as 'incident to' referrals.

C&E will assist physicians’ offices by placing trained pharmacists at the point of care to evaluate, recommend treatment, and coach chronically ill patients about their medication. Physicians in the private sector will be able to see more chronically ill patients in less time while contributing to improved outcomes. STAR ratings will be enhanced and revenue added while
costs are lowered.
C&E will assist with patient monitoring and assessments of your high risk patients between physician visits. C&E will help to provide optimization of drug therapy outcomes in patients. C&E will help to provide increased value to your practice through improved safety, quality and efficiency of medication use and overall healthcare of your patients.

Associate Staff Training and Patient Education

C&E’s pharmacists will be available to lead classes as needed for training of associated alliedhealth care providers and for chronic disease patients who need

Other Services:

  • Physicians’ offices: Medicare Annual Wellness Visits

  • Homecare Agencies| Rehab Centers| Hospitals: Transitions of Care Medication Reconciliation in collaboration with social workers.

  • Independent Pharmacies: MTM for Medicare Part D

All of our services to professionals for their patients are subject to contractual arrangements. These services are intended to offer value to your professional operations by providing improved patient outcomes.

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