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Who We Are

At C&E our pharmacy team is only too aware of how many people die or have terrible reactions due to medication misuse and abuse annually, especially among our very vulnerable Veteran population.

Our C&E Team are the Veteran advocates even though as Virtual pharmacists we do not have the personal face to face encounter with the Veteran. C&E’s Virtual Pharmacists consider it our duty to protect the Veterans, whose scripts we have the honor of processing, from having any medication induced downward spirals. Team C&E has a combination of over 50 years of VA Vista/CPRS experience and are very pleased to continue to offer support as Virtual Pharmacists to our US Military Veterans nationally.

C&E Pharmacy Services was conceived and named with the first letters of my mother's and father's first names (Charles and Enid) out of respect for the caring and support for the lives of others which they taught my siblings and myself. It is a business developed out of a critical need, to fulfill an obligation wherein I promised to “devote myself to a lifetime of service to others through the profession of pharmacy” (Oath of a Pharmacist)…where, “ I will consider the welfare of humanity & relief of suffering will be my primary concern” (Oath of a Pharmacist)……where “I will apply my knowledge and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients”. (Oath of a Pharmacist)

The following lines will explain how it started.

In the midst of my years of service as a US ARMY Medical Service Corps Pharmacy Officer as Chief, Pharmacy Services in the USAREUR MEDCOM, I developed an immuno suppressive disorder and began receiving VA medical services. Through this experience of now being in the ‘patient’ seat I realized how important it was to have medication carefully assessed and to receive the optimal dosing.

In VA hospital and ambulatory clinic waiting rooms and in Veteran transportation, I met many over medicated Veterans, sometimes accompanied by their caregivers. Many of these Veterans should not have been on specific classes of medication with which they were not pharmacogenomically compatible, and the medication outcomes should have been more carefully monitored.

I was approached by caregivers and asked to accompany my fellow Veterans to their physician appointments; I was delighted to have been of service again & this became a norm once many of these Veterans realized that I was capable of helping them to revisit their medication regimens; very soon I saw that several of the Veterans for whom I had served as a voluntary ‘personal pharmacy advocate’ had started to experience quality lifestyles after my recommendations to de-prescribe or change out prescribed medications had been given to physicians. These outcomes stimulated me to redefine in unconventional ways the practice of pharmacy to help restore my own quality of life and to help others.

A team of clinical pharmacists who have delved into the utilization of new diagnostic tools and therapies and are astute in their clinical evaluations of medication therapy management was put together. These clinicians have been the base of a network which offers medication therapy management and other collaborative clinical services.

C&E’s team works relentlessly to ensure that our Veterans will only receive the highest quality of pharmacy care outcomes associated with the medications which we process and verify for them. It is our clinical responsibility to enhance adherence to medication regimens. ​It is a form of continuous personalized medication management. In the role of Virtual pharmacist, each of our pharmacists can recommend modifications to dosages, or, in some cases, offer complete change of medication through diligent use of IM notes and emails and direct calls to physicians.


Please read my Bio for more information about my training and expertise.

Dr. Helen Granado-Boesel RPh PD MEd BA Chem, CEO and Founder of C&E is a veteran pharmacy manager with experience providing patient care and safety management, pharmacy practice administration and process improvement. As Chief, Pharmacy Services while serving in the US Army, in the Medical Services Corps as a Pharmacy Officer, in USAREUR MEDCOM, she was reputed for maintaining strict quality control and patient safety measures as well as directing and preparing for JCAHO inspections and ensuring outcomes of zero deficiencies.


Her knowledge of Patient Safety and Risk Management has contributed to the continued success of her wide experiences in safe pharmacy practices, thus allowing her to have a special understanding of the security and safety risks to which a patient must never be exposed. The proven leadership at C&E is the key to our success in meeting and exceeding the high quality standards that we have attained on past requirements for pharmacy services.

Our clinical pharmacists possess diverse clinical pharmacy experiences to include Hospital, Long Term Care, Home Infusion, Hospice, Compounding and Health Insurance.
Pharmacists' Certifications include:

Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP); Board Certified (BCPS); APhA* MTM Certification; APhA* Immunization Certification; APhA* Patient Centered Diabetic Care Certification; APhA* Cardio-Vascular Disease Risk Management Certification and Nutrition trained.
Advisory Board is comprised of pharmacists, physicians and prominent business and legal advisors, and include Dr. Nancy Lande PharmD & Dr. Linda Smith RPh PD CGP.
(*APhA = American Pharmacists Association)

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