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Immune Support Formulas &  Micronutrients


Daily Immune Formula

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Daily Immune Bottle
Daily Imune Ingredients


Daily Immune is a most comprehensive immune support formula, featuring wide-range vitamin, mineral and herbal support‡, that aims to provide enhanced immune defense support.‡


  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients

  • Supports immune system function‡

  • Helps to activate immune cells and maintain healthy activity‡

  • Made with vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids, zinc and other essential vitamins and minerals‡

Vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids and zinc serve as a foundation for overall health by supporting immune system function. Vitamin D receptors found in a number of immune cells, support healthy immune cell activation. Elderberry and lemon balm extracts offer immune support. Arabinogalactan, aloe and maitake provide complementary support for healthy immune supportive activity. Hesperidin plays an important role in mast cells

“Currently, indirect evidence suggests zinc may potentially reduce the risk, duration, and severity of SARS-CoV-2 infections, particularly for populations at risk of zinc deficiency including people with chronic disease co-morbidities and older adults.”

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