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C&E’s clinical Virtual pharmacists strive to deliver personalized and safe medication management to the Veteran at the end of a script being processed.

C&E’s clinical Virtual pharmacists utilize the VA CPRS healthcare network to ensure that all medications verified are optimally and clinically suitable to the Veteran for whom they are prescribed.

C&E’s clinical Virtual Pharmacy team has a combination of over 75 years of VA Vista/CPRS experience and are very pleased to continue to offer support as Virtual Pharmacists to our US Military Veterans nationally.

C&E becomes part of the Veteran’s medical team since we work closely with VA prescribers, VA Pharmacists, VA nurses, and other healthcare providers to ensure the provision of quality pharmacy care outcomes for our Veterans.

C&E’s pharmacy team is only too aware that medication misuse and abuse claim the lives of more than 50,000 persons annually in the USA, and that many people have terrible reactions due to insufficient management of their medications, especially among our very vulnerable Veteran population.

C&E’s team works relentlessly to ensure that our Veterans receive only the highest quality of pharmacy care outcomes associated with the medications which we process and verify for them. It is our clinical responsibility to enhance adherence to medication regimens as a form of continuous personalized medication management.

About Us

C&E is a CVE verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB). Headquartered in Annapolis MD, C&E has over 25 years of progressive and diverse experience providing Pharmacy Administration and Medication Management support Services, and Clinical Pharmacy  Staff Augmentation. C&E strives to build a reputation that reflects our commitment and motto of “Veterans First”.

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Capability Statement & Performance

Qualified Personnel with Relevant Experience

Proven Processes and Procedures

Our pharmacists understand the need to accurately review and process all pharmacy orders in a timely manner. C&E has proven workflow processes that ensure we are able to flawlessly execute any requirement, while exceeding the expectations of the agency

Repeatable Quality and Safety Control

C&E employs a quality control approach that focuses on repeatable standards, processes and procedures. Our methodology solicits employee involvement in the improvement process and procedures in order to enhance patient safety and performance. C&E maintains a Risk Register for volunteer reporting of near misses or potential errors.

Ongoing Training, process Improvement and Performance Management

Our ‘customer- focused’ support & dedication to continuous process improvement allows us to readily respond to the growing needs of our customers. C&E ensures all virtual pharmacists receive ongoing training to reduce order processing errors, increase patient safety, and increase customer satisfaction.

C&E’s Team of highly qualified pharmacists has over 90 years of combined experience supporting Military and Civilian in-patient and outpatient pharmacies including VA, Military, Retail, Community, Hospital, Home Infusion, Mail Order, LTC and Hospice. Our leadership possesses the required subject matter expertise & administrative capabilities needed to execute Virtual Pharmacy services on Day 1.

Mission Statement

To offer Virtual Pharmacy Services which optimize the delivery of quality pharmacy care outcomes to each Veteran for whom we process and verify scripts through careful and the diligent utilization of the VA healthcare system pharmacy applications in CPRS and the clinical expertise of our Virtual Pharmacists.’

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